villa sinar Trawas

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jl. Udayana no.9, in trawas

facility (fasilitas)
Kitchen (Fully equiped with cutlery, crockery, glassware, kitchen pans, Fridge, Kit fire extinguisher, Cleaning components)
Sitting/dinning room (Tv, Sofas, Table and chairs)
Bedroom-14, (three single bed,Toilet with shower)
Basketball court
Vegetable Farm

Mount Penangungan, located between Pasuruan and Mojokerto
Tretes, located 15 minutes from trawas, It is another holiday spot.
Jatim Park, children playground, animals, and swimming pool
Safary Park
Mount Kawi, A sage’s grave, near malang
Trowulan, is believed to be the site of the ancient capital of  Majapahit.
Candra wilwatikta,open-air theater,presents classical East Javanese ballet performances.
Kakek Bodo Waterfall
Malang, one of the most attractive town in Java
Purwodadi Botanical Garden
Claket, Forest-camping ground
Pacet, Forest-camping ground

Harga                    :  Rp 1.000.000 juta/ hari (harga nego)
Rating                   : 2


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